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Getting your insurance is simple with Emirates Financial Insurance. That’s because our we are experts at making sure your specific needs are taken care of. Sign up today and receive protection from one of the best in the industry.


Multinational Insurance for global businesses -

Emirates Financial Insurance serves large and mid-sized companies that need cross-border, multi-location coverage, including both risk transfer programs and captive solutions, led by Emirates Financial Insurance' international corporate insurance carrier, Emirates Financial Insurance.

Effective management of global risks is Emirates Financial Insurance' core business: Emirates Multinational offers a fully end-to-end customized service for the cross-border exposures of its clients, covering also risk transfer and captive services. At the forefront of the proposition are centrally coordinated global insurance programs that provide locally admitted policies tailored to the client's geographic footprint and specific risk and exposure requirements – all in full compliance with relevant insurance regulations and local laws.

Every program client benefits from a dedicated team of specialist underwriters, program handlers, claims experts and risk engineers. All are there to build the optimal program structure, to anticipate issues before they arise and to coordinate seamless service delivery.

Father & Son


At Emirates Financial Insurance, we want to help you protect the most precious things in your life. Since 2023 we’ve put our clients firmly at the forefront of our competitive Insurance Agency. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.

We offer a wide range of insurance products and unparalleled customer support 24/7, so we’re always here when you need us the most. Contact us to find out more about our extensive selection of products and services and how we can provide the extra layer of protection you’ve been looking for.

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Emirates Insurance Company Building Al Zahiya (Tourist Club Area) P.O.Box : 3856, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


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